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Spin The Globe host Scott Allan Stevens
Spin The Globe host Scott Allan Stevens

Scott Stevens, a proud, moist Washington native, has been a KAOS programmer since 1998, though he’s been trying to get people to listen to him since he was very, very small. He works as a freelance photographer when not doing radio. He loves almost all kinds of music, especially the wide variety of stuff not heard on commercial stations, and you’ll hear him play everything from Quawwali to Cajun, from Pakistani brass bands to Turkish-influenced New York funk.

Away from KAOS and work, he plays with his cat and his long-suffering sweetie, bicycles, hikes, plays soccer compulsively, and tends his garden of edible and native plants.

He loves feedback! Call the studio during the show (11am-1pm Fridays) at 360-867-KAOS (360-867-5267) or email him at

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