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How can I get this kind of music for my party/wedding?

Spin the Globe-style music is available for your event! If you love the mix of world music heard weekly on the radio show, bring it to your wedding, party, reception, or bar mitzvah. But don’t expect me to mix the latest pop hits in with the bhangra and Afrobeat…that would be wrong. Contact me via the contact page for more details or to check availability.

Where do I hear Spin the Globe?

Fridays, 11am to 1pm, just tune in to KAOS 89.3 FM anywhere in the South Puget Sound region of Washington State, USA.

If you’re not in the neighborhood, listen to us over the Internet or check out the Spin The Globe podcasts/archives–click Listen for details.

What will I hear on Spin the Globe?

The show’s motto is Live Locally, Groove Globally, and it’s taken seriously! Hear upbeat music from the world over on this spirited celebration of musical culture in traditional and hybrid forms. You will hear all kinds of music from around the world, from Quawwali to Cajun, from sacred to secular, from Pakistani brass bands to klezmer. I’m especially fond of music that’s been through the blender–on “blend,” not on “puree”–such as the Turkish funk of Brooklyn Funk Essentials or the funky Nubian wedding music of Ali Hassan Kuban. I keep your feet and heart moving at the end of a long week or the beginning of a fun weekend.

I also bring you interviews of musicians, authors, and others impacting the world of “world music.” Guests have included Jewish ethnomusicologist Yale Strom, the all-woman Tuvan throat-singing group Tyva Kyzy, accordian-playing Khmer Rouge survivor Daran Kravanh, African jazz great Hugh Masekela, and uncategorizable groups like Vagabond Opera, among many others.

Can you tell me about that great intro?

I’m glad you like it – I built the intro myself from spare parts. It’s a sound collage of artists I’ve interviewed, along with a clip from Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Spike, a bit from Ghandi, and a clip from Disney’s Tomorrowland speech. Backing it is the song “Colors of Punjab” from Dhol Foundation’s CD Big Drum, Small World.

What is “world music” anyway?

“World music” is often used as a catch phrase for music that comes from outside the US/UK folk-pop-rock traditions. Some people include Native American music and reggae beneath this umbrella term — sometimes even Celtic music. It’s marginally useful, but because its meaning is vague and squishy I like to be more specific in my descriptions if possible. I like to think of the music heard on Spin The Globe as global roots music: music that has roots in a specific culture (or several cultures) so that it sounds like it’s from somewhere. Of course, I also like global hybrids, so I may break my own rule while you’re not looking.

Do you take requests?

You betcha! Call the studio line at 360-867-KAOS or email me. I love requests, comments, suggestions, even corrections.

Your show has no advertising? How does that work?

KAOS is a college-licensed radio station run as a community station, a type of public station with lots of community involvement. KAOS members not only support the programming on the station, they get some great gifts as well. Check out the KAOS website for more info and an online pledge form.

Your show sounds like a lot of fun. Wish I could do a show….

That’s not really a question, but I’ll respond anyway. KAOS providesĀ  radio training to any member of the community. For more details, contact the KAOS Training and Operations Manager: 360-867-6897

Thanks for listening!

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