Global Gumbo (STG #1141)

Global music new, old, and spicy this week.

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Hour 1
Music Is the Weapon – Upside Down – Moving Foundations and Outer Space
Ogun Afrobeat – Benefit for All – Benefit for All (single)
Baba Zula – Çöl Aslanlari (Desert Lions) (radio edit) – Çöl Aslanlari (Desert Lions) – Single
Mbongeni Ngema – Sarafina! – African Gems
Talvin Singh & Niladri Kumar – Ananta – Together
Sumeet Anand Pandey, Ritika Pandey, Shruti Sargam & Pandit Radheshyam Sharma – Rāga Bhairav: Sargam ki Bandish – Morning Meditation
Shubha Mudgal – Outsider – No Stranger Here (feat. Ursula Rucker & Business Class Refugees)
Siti Muharam – Pakistan – Siti of Unguja (Romance Revolution on Zanzibar)
Samy Izy – Bala – Tsara Madagasikara
Monica Feijo – Samba 104 – Aurora 5365
Marafona – Chula da Alvorada – Está Dito
Ze Renato – Como Tem Zé Na Paraíba – Cabô

Hour 2
M.A.K.U SoundSystem – Esclavo Moderno – Makumbala
The Battle of Santiago – Judgement – Queen and Judgement
Nation Beat – Forró De Dois Amigos – The Royal Chase
Supergombo – Sirius B – Sigitolo
L’Orchestra Di Piazza Vittorio – Mambo de Machahuai – Orchestra Di Piazza Vittorio
Sangit – Ma Mamuso (Radio Edit) [feat. Kadi Coulibaly] – Ma Mamuso (Radio Edit) [feat. Kadi Coulibaly] – Single
Keleketla! – International Love Affair (radio edit) – Keleketla!
Hugo Blanco – Guajira Con Arpa – Guajira Con Arpa – Single
Rosapaeda – Cannetella – Mater Heart Folk
Kusinerna Riippa – Uti vår hage – Vedil
AyoM – Cachaça e macarrão – Cachaça e macarrão (single)
Dele Sosimi – Gúdú Gúdú Kan – Gúdú Gúdú Kan (Daz-I-Kue Remix) – Single
Gnl Zamba – Kawwa – The Spear
Bombyx Mori – 3,000 feet – 3,14

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