Global Music Gumbo (STG #1149)

Music new and old, from near and far to season your earbuds.

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Hour 1
Guy Buttery & Kanada Narahari – Sonokota (demo version) – Sonokota EP
Javasounds – Udan Mas – Vol. 2 Ruk Ruk Rukmana Kacapi Suling Music
Jef – Lastari Bakantan – Gawi Manuntung
Arat Kilo – Anga File – Visions of Selam
Caravela – A Macieira – A Macieira – Single
Ashoo Punjabi – Billo Gori – Bhangra: Original Punjabi Pop
The Karnataka College of Percussion – Konnakkol – River Yamuna
AyoM – Cachaça e Macarrão – Ayom
Ali Hassan Kuban – Mabruk – From Nubia to Cairo
Barmer Boys – Didi – Live in Berlin
Seu Jorge – Carolina – Brazilian Vibes
OKAN – Mercedes (feat. Telmary) – Espiral
Club Musical Oriente Cubano – Yo Soy Tiburón (feat. La Familia Valera Miranda) – Tres (feat. La Familia Valera Miranda)

Hour 2
Etienne de la Sayette – Safari Kamer – Kobugi
Madou Sidiki Diabate – Djelibaba – Kora Electrique
Songhoy Blues – Bon Bon – Optimisme
Quatuor Béla – Solo et pièces franco-mandingues: III. Djon Fassa – Impressions d’Afrique
Qwanqwa – Somali – Volume 3
Zoë Modiga – ILANGA LISHONILE (feat. BandaBanda) – INGANEKWANE
The Apagya Show Band – Kwaku Ananse – African Rare Groove-Rare Funky Songs from Africa
Folk Trio – Uosile – Folk Trio
Liraz – Joon Joon – Zan
Les Mamans du Congo – Meki – Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin
Nuri – A7mer (excerpt) – Irun
Khaled – Adieu – N’Ssi N’Ssi

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