Songs of Motherhood (#1171)

To celebrate Mothers Day, a veritable maternity of songs about mothers and motherhood from around the planet. Happy day to all you mothers!

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Hour 1
Candido Oye-Oba – My Mother (Dedicated To All Mothers) – Adura Power
BANTU – Mama (feat. Ayuba) – Fuji Satisfaction (feat. Ayuba)
Hoven Droven – Hia Hia Svärmor (Hia Hia Mother-In-Law) – Groove
FARATUBEN – Mama – Sira Kura
Cheb Khaled – Madre – World 2004
Black Umfolosi – Mama – Pure Africa
Anansy Cissé – Nia (Mothers) – Anoura
Mad Manoush – Mama – The Gypsy R-Evolution
Teacher Jekyll – Bless the Mothers – Mercado
Yellow Sisters – Máma – Zvěřinec
Guillaume Sanje Mpacko – Mama’m Iyo (Beloved Mother) – Praise and Celebration
Umanji – Mhani (Mother) – Moloi (The Witch)
Sidney Bean – Mothers of Today – Bermuda: Gombey & Calypso 1953-1960
Blick Bassy – Mama – Akö

Hour 2
Al Qahwa – Beloved Mother (Live) – Cairo Moon
Gipsyland – Mamá – Viva la Musica
Milli Janatková Quartet – My Dear Mother – To My Roots
Sia Tolno – Mama – African Woman
Narasirato Pan Pipers – Nikia (My Mother) – Naratana Hione – Cry Of The Ancestors
Hanggai – My Mother – Baifang
Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz International – Sweet Mother (feat. Rocafill Jazz International) – The Best Of Music And Rhythm
David Walters – Mama – Soleil Kréyol
Iyasa – Helele Mama (Oh Mama) – African Homeland – Voices & Rhythms from Zimbabwe & Southern Africa
Selma Uamusse – MAMA – Liwoningo
Magou & Dakar Transit – Mama – Africa Yewul
Wu Chun – Missing My Mother (Excerpts) – Folk Music of China, Vol. 2: Folk Songs of Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang
The Immigrant Orchestra – Mütterliche Liebe – Home Away from Home
Palya Bea – Mama – Én Leszek a Játékszered
Mighty Mo Rodgers & Baba Sissoko – Nalu / Mother – Griot Blues
Them Mushrooms – Mama – Kazi Ni Kazi

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