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2014-04-18 Mazigazi Band live + World Music Mix

Mazigazi Band at KAOSA mix of new sounds and old from all over the planet. Plus live in-studio music by Mazigazi, who will be doing a local show April 25 at the Hands On Children’s Museum as part of an instrument drive for children in Kenya, and Simon Okelo, executive director of One Vibe Africa and right decent nyatiti player.

The KAOS Spring Membership Drive is history. But you can still renew or become a member online at www.KAOSradio.org, or call 360-867-6894. Thanks for your support of commercial-free community radio!

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2012-07-06: Music of Central Africa

We celebrate the birthday of Congolese legend Francois ‘Franco’ Luambo Makiadi in this show with music from him along with more songs and styles from central African nations, including Burundi, the Central African Republic, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Rwanda. Franco Guitar Hero of Congo

Music from artists including Wendo Kolosoy, Franco, Papa Wemba, Papa Noel, Mounira Mitchala, Somi, and So Kalmery

Plus, in hour 2, new releases and concert previews. With music from Erev Rav Klezmer Orchestra, Akoya Afrobeat, Sylvain Leroux, Maga Bo, Jungle by Night and more. Continue reading 2012-07-06: Music of Central Africa

2011-09-09: Music of Coastal West Africa

This show is a musical journey across Coastal West Africa, from Senegal in the north to Nigeria on the southern end. We mixed it up with both new and old music, to give a sense of the wide variety of music as we journey through time and through different tribes and nations.

Special congratulations to the listeners who won tickets to see Eliane Elias this weekend!

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Hour 1
Alif (Senegal)  –  Dakamerap  –  Dakamerap
Foday Musa Suso (The Gambia)  –  Bunfa Silence  –  The Dreamtime
Super Mama Djombo (Guinea-Bissau)  –  Aboku Boku Bandi  –  Super Mama Djombo
Famoro Dioubate’s Kakande (Guinea)  –  Bani  –  Dununya
Refugee Allstars (Sierra Leone)  –  Gbrr Mani  –  Rise & Shine
Malinda Parker & Howard Hayes (Liberia)  –  Bush Cow Milk  –  Songs of the African Coast: Café Music of Liberia
Manou Gallo (Ivory Coast)  –  Desert  –  Lowlin
Koo Nimo (Ghana) w/ Vishal Nagar  –  Aguado  –  Koo Nimo & Vishal Nagar
Tony Allen (Nigeria)  –  Afro-Disco-Beat (excerpt)  –  Racubah! – A Collection of Modern Afro Rhythms
Bella Bellow (Togo)  –  O Senye  –  Bem Bem EP
Julien Jacob (Benin)  –  Attends  –  Shanti
The Funkees (Nigeria)  –  Dancing Time  –  Nigeria 70: The Definitive Story of 1970’s Funky Lagos

Hour 2
Sabu Fanye  –  Wontanara  –  Audio Refuge
Doug Cox & Salil Bhatt  –  Make a Better World  –  Slide to Freedom 2
Brandon Terzic  –  Butterfly  –  Xalam Project
Eliane Elias  –  A Ra (the Frog)  –  Bossa Nova Stories
Ablaye Cissoko & Volker Goetze  –  Sakhadougou  –  Sira
Autorickshaw  –  Chennai Five-O  –  Four Higher
Staff Benda Bilili  –  Moziki  –  Tres Tres Fort
Ciro Hurtado  –  Marinera III   –  In My Mind
Ziggy Marley  –  Shalom Salaam  –  Dragonfly
Tinariwen  –  Asuf D Alwa  –  Tassili
Pharaoh’s Daughter  –  Askinu  –  Haran

2011-05-25 Scatterlings of Africa

Mamdou Diabate - CourageHad the chance to guest-host the KAOS show Scatterlings of Africa, and had a great time choosing some less-known old and new tunes, along with a scattering of the big names in African music. If you need a place to start for more exploration, be sure to check out Mamadou Diabate’s gorgeous new album Courage. Thanks to Don for the chance to guest host!

Hour 1
Johnny Clegg & Savuka  –  Scatterlings of Africa  –  In My African Dream
London Afrobeat Collective  –  Survival of the Fittest  –  LAC
Ibrahim Djo Experience  –  Anchar Dalen  –  Azeman
Vieux Farka Toure  –  The Secret feat. Ali Farka Toure  –  The Secret
Chris Berry & the Panjea  –  Why Do We  –  Dancemakers
Dr Sir Warrior & The Oriental Brothers  –  Ilhe Chinyenre  –  Highlife Time Vol. 2
Mamadou Diabate  –  Humanity  –  Courage
Youssou N’Dour  –  Africa Dream Again  –  Dakar-Kingston
Yaaba Funk  –  Bukom Mashie  –  Afrobeast
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou –  Ye Ye We Nou Mi  –  The First Album

Hour 2
Ba Cissoko  –  Likhirin  –  Free Africa
Lionel Loueke  –  Abominwe  –  Virgin Forest
Lobi Traore   –  Banan Ni  –  Bwati Kono
Rajery  –  Tandremo  –  Sofera
113 Feat. Oumou Sangare  –  Voix du Mali  –  Dans L’urgence
JuJu (Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara )  –  Jombajo  –  In Trance
Euforquestra  –  Elegua  –  Explorations in Afrobeat
Polyrhythmics  –  Leggo My Relleno  –  Polyrhythmics
Terakaft  –  Amazzagh  –  Aratan N Azawad
Sally Nyolo  –  Tilma  –  Aaione
Simon Nwambeben  –  Awa  –  Bitibak 1

2011-03-11 African Women

Rokia TraoreFollowing up last week’s show on Miriam Makeba, we’ll use the appearance this weekend of Khaira Arby (with The Sway Machinery) and this week’s International Women’s Day as an excuse to spin a range of other African women making wonderful music. I tried to stick to mostly less well known artists, so I hope you find a few new discoveries for yourself in this show, and dig a little deeper.

Remember, you can catch the archive of this show for a limited time at http://soundroots.podomatic.com

And you can still grab this show — and subscribe so you’ll never miss an episode — via iTunes.

Hour 1 (artist – song – album)
Seheno  –  Ka  –  Ka
Cesaria Evora w/ Lura  –  Moda Bo  –  & …
Lungiswa  –  The Crab Song  –  Lungiswa
Martha Mdenge & Harmony Crotchets  –  Tell me how long the train’s been gone  –  Music Was Born in Africa
Les Go de Koteba  –  Samba  –  Les Go de Koteba
Fegegeta  –  Minjar  –  Fegegeta
Dorothy Masuka  –  Hamba Notsokolo  –  The Definitive Collection
Madame Afrique  –  Indaba  –  She’s Hot!
Lungiswa  –  Inner City Blues (Xhosa version)  –  Lungiswa
Les Nubians  –  Nü Soul Makossa ft. Manu Dibango  –  Nu Revolution
Eneida Marta  –  Garandessa  –  Lope Kai
Simphiwe Dana  –  Ndim Nawe  –  Kulture Noir

Hour 2
Khaira Arby   –  Sourgou  –  Timbuktu Tarab
Chiha   –  Moleschech  –  Mystic Bridges
Dobet Gnahore  –  Deka  –  Djekpa La You
Patience Dabany  –  Levekisha  –  Patience Dabany
Freshlyground  –  Moto  –  Radio Africa
Sibeba  –  Rea (The Moon)  –  Hijas Del Sol
Les Amazones de Guinee  –  Be Ni Son  –  Wamato
Saba  –  Jidka (the Line)  –  Jidka
Simphiwe Dana  –  Felas Azania  –  Kulture Noir
Sally Nyolo  –  Solidarity  –  Multiculti
Rokia Traore  –  Koronoko  –  Tchamanche
Chiwoniso  –  Kurima  –  Rebel Woman

03 September 2010: Afro-Funk

Afro Funk Explosion

With the Budos Band passing through the area tomorrow for Bumbershoot (see calendar), this is a perfect time for a roaring dose of Afro-funk. And Afrobeat. And related Afro-musics, new and old. Plus new releases and some Bumbershoot previews.

Hour 1
Inemo  –  Afrofunk  –  Afro Funky Beats
The Budos Band  –  Mark of the Unnamed  –  The Budos Band III
The Pleb  –  One for Senegal  –  African Groove
Ali Hassan Kuban  –  Habibi  –  Rough Guide to Ali Hassan Kuban
Brigth Engelberts And The B.E. Movement  –  Tolambo Funk  –  Booniay!! A Compilation Of West African Funk
Lungiswa  –  Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)  –  Lungiswa
Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca  –  Nganga Kisi  –  Sao Salvador
The Sweet Talks  –  Eyi Su Ngaangaa  –  Ghana Soundz: Afro-Beat, Funk & Fusion in 70’s Ghana
Gnonnas Pedro  –  I Got You (I Feel Good)  –  The Best of Gnonnas Pedro
The Daktaris  –  Give It Up Turnit Loose  –  Soul Explosion
Dele Sosimi  –  Phaze 2 (What Next?)  –  Turbulent Times

Hour 2
Manu Dibango  –  Super Kumba  –  Rough Guide to Manu Dibango
Mr Something Something & Ikwanga  –  Abankwa  –  Deep Sleep
Tony Allen  –  Woman To Man  –  Home Cooking
Peter King  –  African Dialects  –  Nigeria 70: Lagos Jump
Magic Drum Orchestra  –  Drop It (Like a Funky Muppet)  –  In The Studio
Konono No. 1  –  Wumbanzanga (excerpt)  –  Assume Crash Position
Luisa Maita  –  Mire E Veja (Look and See)  –  Lero-Lero
Joan Soriano  –  Mal Pensado  –  El Duque De La Bachata
The Heshoo Beshoo Band  –  Wait and See  –  Next Stop…Soweto Vol. 2
Natacha Atlas  –  Taalet  –  Mounqaliba
Balkan Beat Box  –  Gypsy Queens  –  Nu Med
Monoswezi  –  Tsvimborume  –  Monoswezi

27 August 2010: Music of Cape Verde

Cesaria Evora - Rogamar
Image via Wikipedia

To celebrate Cesaria Evora‘s birthday today, we heard music from her and fellow Cape Verdeans, plus a few new releases and faves thrown in the second hour.

Hour 1
Cesaria Evora  –  Zinha  –  Nha Sentimento
Tete Alhinho  –  Barco di Papel  –  African Playground
Bius  –  Fidjo D’Africa  –  Palop Africa!
Boy Ge Mendes  –  Cumba Ietu  –  Lagoa (The Lagoon)
Mo’Kalamity & The Wizards  –  Vision  –  African Reggae
Maria de Barros  –  Nos Tradicon  –  Danca Ma Mi
Simentera  –  Dor di Amor  –  Mondo Africa
Bau  –  Momentos Em Paris  –  Inspiracao
Tcheka  –  Ana Maria  –  Lonji
Teofilo Chantre  –  Nha Fe (My Faith)  –  Cape Verde
Cesaria Evora  –  Beijo De Longe (A Kiss from Afar)  –  Café Atlantico
Augusto Cego  –  Mar  –  African Odyssey
Fantcha  –  Saia de Travada  –  Viva Mindelo

Hour 2
Sara Tavares  –  One Love  –  Balance
Lura  –  Mundo E Nos  –  Di Korpu Ku Alma
Katchupa Rica  –  Bengosin (Come On)  –  The Spirit of Cape Verde
Cesaria Evora  –  Tchom Frio (Cold Ground)  –  Nha Sentimento
Mairy Lepiera  –  Mane  –  Soro
Papaya Republik  –  Fayaguaya feat. Systema Solar  –  Papaya Republik
Andrew Oliver Kora Band  –  Segu  –  Just 4 U
Gurdas Maan  –  Enna Pyar Ni  –  Kahan Tak
King Sunny Ade  –  Baba Loun Sohun Gbogbo  –  Baba Mo Tunde
Khaira Arby  –  unidentified song  –  Festival in the Desert: The Tent Sessions
Herbie Hancock w/ K’Naan, Los Lobos and Tinariwen  –  Tamatant Tilay / Exodus   –  The Imagine Project
Max Wild feat. Sam Mtukudzi  –  Ndakuvara  –  Tamba
Cheikh Lo  –  Seyni  –  Jamm

30 July 2010: Mali Music

Mali MusicMore than a few Spin The Globe listeners & callers have recently gushed about their love of Malian music. Something there is about this West African nation, which has produced an astounding array of artists including Oumou Sangare, Ali Farka Toure (and son Vieux), Amadou y Mariam, Tinariwen, Toumani Diabate … the list seems endless. We heard an array of Malian music, plus a few other sounds in the 2nd hour.

Hour 1
Soleil De Minuit  –  Mama Sissoko  –  Soleil de Minuit
Tata  –  Neba Solo  –  CAN 2000
Ah Ndiya  –  Oumou Sangare  –  Moussoulou
Tamiditin  –  Tamikrest  –  Adagh
Farako / the man who did not want to share  –  Moussa Diallo  –  Chiwara / Tales
Soly  –  Nahini Doumbia  –  Mali Percussion & Songs
Niger  –  Afel Bocoum, Damien Albarn, Toumani Diabate & Friends  –  Mali Music
Teye  –  Djelimady Tounkara  –  Solon Kono
Terriya  –  Mare Sanogo  –  Fourasi
Banani  –  Issa Bagayogo  –  Timbuktu
Madan (remixed by Gekko)  –  Salif Keita  –  Remixes from Moffou
Le Bonheur  –  Baba Salah  –  Gao

Hour 2
Yorodian Taga / Going Far Away  –  Idrissa Soumaoro  –  Kote
Tolonte Sebessa  –  Super Rail Band  –  Super Rail Band
Kote Don  –  Rokia Traore  –  Bowmboi
Bolokolonia  –  Djeneba Seck  –  The Truth
Watjoro  –  Cheick Tidiane Seck  –  MandinGroove
Superground  –  Pakava It’  –  Superground Highspeed Crossover
Shiva (Govinda Remix)  –  Thievery Corporation  –  Babylon Central
Siki Mambo  –  La Internacional Sonora Balkanera  –  Tan Lejos De Sarajevo
I raq yee  –  TurboTabla  –  Unregulated
Gullan Du (Hearing You)  –  Mari Boine  –  Leahkastin (Unfolding)
A Place to Rest  –  Esthema  –  The hereness and nowness of things

2 July 2010: Music of South Africa

Putumayo Presents South AfricaPutumayo has a new compilation CD of music from South Africa; we took things a step farther today, spinning everything from Safrojazz to kwaito to Zulu choirs and beyond, to give you an idea of the South Africa beyond the soccer stadiums and TV soundbites. Congrats to Andrew of Olympia who won our giveaway of the Amabutho CD.

Congrats to our listeners who are Netherlands & Uruguay fans; sorry to the Brazil & Ghana supporters, and to the rest of the African continent supporting Ghana. If only….

Hour 1
Dhol Foundation  –  Colours of Punjab (theme)  –  Big Drum Small World
Madame Afrique  –  Island Style  –  She’s Hot!
Joseph Mazibuko  –  Vrede OFS  –  Greatest Accordion Hits Vol 3 – South Africa (1972)
Paulus Masina  –  Umalusi  –  Greatest Accordion Hits Vol 3
Shaluza Max  –  Mangase  –  Tales of Urban S.A.
Juluka  –  Shake My Way  –  Scatterlings
Hugh Masekela & the Union of South Africa  –  Johannesburg Hi-Lite Jive  –  Hugh Masekela & the Union of South Africa (1971)
Arling & Cameron  –  Voulez-vous?  –  Euro Lounge
Tebogo  –  Phambili Ma Afrika  –  Kwela Tebza
Dark City Sisters  –  Change Jive Bafana  –  South African Jive Vol. 1
Amampondo  –  African Pride  –  Ruyani
Allen Kwela Octet  –  Question Mark  –  Next Stop Soweto…Vol. 3
Zamajobe  –  Ye Wena Sani  –  South African Women With a Voice Chapter 2
Lucky Dube  –  Hero  –  The Other Side
Ladysmith Black Mambazo  –  Imbube  –  In Harmony

Hour 2
Brenda Fassie  –  Sum’bulala  –  Greatest Hits
Lungiswa  –  Fundal / Ilonga  –  Lungiswa
Judith Sephuma  –  Naka Di A Lela  –  A Cry…A Smile…A Dance
Miriam Makeba  –  Liwawechi  –  Homeland
Amabutho  –  Amabutho / The Warriors  –  Sikelela
Rocky Dawuni  –  African Reggae Fever  –  Hymns for the Rebel Soul
Thomas Mapfumo & the Blacks Unlimited  –  Moto Uyo  –  Chimurenga Explosion
Dollar Brand  –  Anatomy of a South African Village (excerpt)  –  Anatomy of a South African Village
African Rhythm Travellers  –  Khululuma  –  African Groove
Konono No. 1  –  Guiyome  –  Assume Crash Position
Africa Unite  –  Play Another Game  –  Play Up
Vieux Farka Toure  –  Diaraby Magni w/ Yossi Fine  –  Live