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2019-04-12 World Music Mix


The playlist this week is shorter because we took some time between songs to remind you that your financial support is crucial to keep KAOS Community Radio on the air. If you like Spin The Globe and other great KAOS shows, please step up and be counted. Make your donation today. Just head to the donate page. Thanks!!

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2012-04-20 Global Mambo + Pledge Plea

It’s Tito Puente’s birthday! We celebrated the King of the Timbales by playing his music, and other music in the salsa-mambo vibe from all over the planet this week. Plus new releases and other groovy stuff in hour 2. Please give us the gift of your membership to your favorite community radio station during the KAOS spring membership drive. Pledge online, or call 360-867-5267 during the drive, and tell them Spin The Globe sent you.

Thanks for listening, and for supporting commercial-free public radio!

mambo for cats lp cover

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16 April 2010: Top 10 + Pledge!

This show featured selections from the best new world music CDs along with other new releases and a bit about why you should be supporting KAOS and its diverse programming. Pledge online or call 360-867-5267 – and thanks to everyone who called during this show to support KAOS community radio and Spin The Globe!

Hour 1
Dhol Foundation – Colours of Punjab (theme) – Big Drum Small World
10-Red Baraat – Punjabi Wedding Song (Balle Balle) – Chaal Baby
9-Markscheider Kunst – Odnazdhy – Utopia
8-Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band – Hey Ma Durga – Devaloka
7-Al-Andalus Ensemble – Martil (excerpt) – 21 Strings
6-Three Ality – Vrij Ende Franck – ‘t Minne
5-Angelique Kidjo – Kekele – Oyo
4-VM Bhatt & Matt Malley – The Eternal Wait – Sleepless Nights
3-Razia Said – Tiako Ro – Zebu Nation
2-Te Vaka – Katakata Mai – Haoloto

Hour 2
1-Lila Downs y La Misteriosa – La Cumbia del Mole – En Paris Live a Fip
Tony Allen – Ijo – Secret Agent
Ocho Pies – Petro – Tropical Footprint
The Erev Ravs – Wedding Trance – Oly Shtetl Klezmer
Los Flacos – Virgenes del Sol – Rosa Celeste
Bela Fleck – Mali Jam – Throw Down Your Heart – Africa Sessions Part 2
Refugee All Stars – Living Stone – Rise & Shine
Gotan Project – Peligro – Tango 3.0
1 Giant Leap – Freedom (Feat. Nana Tsiboe & African Show Boys) – What About Me?