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2020-05-08 Remembering Tony Allen, Master Drummer of Afrobeat

Tony Allen

Tony Oladipo Allen was born July 20, 1940 in Lagos, and over the next 79 years he would change the sound of drumming forever. While primarily known for the 15 years he spent as drummer and band leader with Fela Kuti, Tony Allen had a whole second career post-Fela. He not only released his own albums encompassing jazz, afrobeat, and electronica — he also collaborated with musicians ranging from Brazil’s Meta Meta to Jamaica’s Ernest Ranglin to American Jeff Mills to South Africa’s Hugh Masekela… and many more.

Tony Allen died in Paris, his home for many years, April 30 at age 79. This show is a remembrance and appreciation of his life and work. Helping put his music into context is Michael Veal, professor of ethnomusicology at Yale, leader of the Aqua Ife Big Band, and author of books including Fela: The Life And Times Of An African Musical Icon and Tony Allen: An Autobiography of the Master Drummer of Afrobeat.

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2020-05-01 May Day + Remembering Tony Allen

We start off with songs of work and labor for May Day this week. Then a brief remembrance of Nigerian afrobeat drumming pioneer Tony Allen, who died April 30, through some of his musical collaborations. (STG will air a full tribute to Tony Allen next week.)

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