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2019-11-08 Global Ska

The Skatalites - album cover

Sometime back in the 1950s, some Jamaican musicians combined elements of jazz and R&B with calypso and mento, and ska was born. The new style thrived and spread, having offspring of its own (rocksteady and reggae). We hear ska from all over the planet this week, from its origins to its new home in Japan, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, and beyond.

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2014-02-07 Celebrating Bob Marley

Bob Marley on Spin The GlobeIn celebration of Bob Marley’s 6 February birthday, we remember the late, great reggae pioneer with songs from him and his offspring, and more than a few covers of his songs. Happy birthday, Bob!

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2013-06-07 Music of the Caribbean

STG - Caribbean SoundsThis week, a variety of music from around the Caribbean. You may hear calypso, reggae, ska, son, salsa, bachata, soca, Cuban hip-hop, and other styles of music. The show was prompted by great new CDs by Kobo Town and Lord Mouse & the Kalypso Katz — be sure to check those out, along with the stunning new Afro-Latin album from Osvaldo Hernandéz-Napoles. Hour 2 veered more toward new releases. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

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