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2014-02-21 World Music in English – Global Sounds for the Monoglot

Feb. 21 Mother LanguageToday is UN International Mother Language Day, and we celebrated with global music in my mother language, English. Sure, a smattering of other languages sneaks in here and there, but that’s to be expected when one grooves globally. Enjoy, and spread the word that great global music doesn’t have to be entirely in incomprehensible tongues.

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2011-02-18 – Celebrating World Languages

We took a musical approach to celebrating linguistic diversity this week with the approach of the United Nations International Mother Language Day (21 February), spinning tunes with a wide variety of sung languages. I got to around 35 languages before I lost count. And that’s just the tip of the globe’s linguistic iceberg of some 6,000 languages. Enjoy, even if you don’t speak all the lingos of this show. Linguistic Diversity map


Hour 1
Korossorok  –  Zuboly  –  Ertem a Kujonsagot
Sibi   –  Becaye Aw  –  Sibi
O Mundo  –  Karnak  –  Karnak
Wacha Matata  –  Maalesh  –  Yelela
Forest Love  –  Khac Chi Ensemble  –  Moonlight in Vietnam
Hela Hela  –  No Blues  –  Hela Hela
Nani Dschann  –  Aquabella  –  Nani Dschann
La Vielha  –  Lo Cor de la Plana  –  Tant Deman
Suknijica  –  Ziveli Orkestar  –  La Peau De L’ours
Veu Acorada   –  Franca Masu  –  La veu catalana de Sardenya
Rebirth  –  Roya Bahrami  –  I Am I Am Not
The Chocolate Butterfly  –  Dunkelbundt  –  Morgenlandfahrt
Iwiye  –  Coco Mbassi  –  Sepia
Sili  –  Cheb Jilani  –  Oyouni Sahara

Hour 2
Tindo  –  Baaba Maal  –  Television
Chalomot Shel Acherim (Other People’s Dreams)  –  Idan Raichel Project  –  Within My Walls
Kochämbi Kärsädi-Alämäna  –  Mahmoud Ahmed  –  Tezzetta Enqu
Gorilla-eating Python Fable  –  Baka people  –  Songs from the Forest
Historia De Un Amor  –  Cesaria Evora feat. Tania Libertad  –  & …
Wan Maha Sanook  –  Plearn Promdan  –  The Sound of Siam
Longing for Suliko  –  The Shin  –  Black Sea Fire
Sens  –  Tara Fuki  –  Sens
Kolo  –  Kiula  –  Kolo
Killiecrankie  –  Jim Malcolm  –  Acquaintance
Laru Beya  –  Aurelio Martinez  –  Laru Beya
Shosholoza  –  Ladysmith Black Mambazo  –  Long Walk to Freedom
At Av’ani  –  Ravid Kahalani  –  Yemen Blues