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2020-08-14 Top 10 World Music Albums, August (STG #1133)

Les Freres Smith - Mutation

Despite global lockdowns (or maybe because of them?), musicians are still musicking, and new albums are being released. So we continue our monthly charts highlighting some of the best.

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2011-10-21: Top 10 World Music CDs, October

This week’s show started with a journey ascending the October World Music Top 10 Chart, then freewheeled into other territory, including previews of upcoming concerts and some newly released songs. Congrats to the winner of the Quetzal tickets, and more generally to everyone who, like me, loves this music.

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Hour 1Les Freres Smith - Contreband Mentality
Cankisou  –  Narapundey  –  #10 – Fayt
Golden Gate Gypsy Orchestra  –  Tumbalalaika  –  #9 The Travelling Jewish Wedding (from The Mickey Hart Collection)
Nation Beat  –  Tropicana (Morena Tropicana)  –  #8 Growing Stone
Vagabond Opera  –  King of Gypsies  –  #7 Sing for Your Lives
Te Vaka  –  Taku Uo Pele  –  #6 Havili
March Fourth Marching Band  –  Delhi Belly  –  #5 Magnificent Beast
Boban & Marko Marcovic Orchestra vs. Fanfare Ciocarlia  –  Caravan – Fanfare Ciocarlia  –  #4 Balkan Brass Battle
Tribeqa  –  Diana Mogo  –  #3 Qolors
Ocote Soul Sounds  –  Contigo Jamas  –  Taurus
Nawal  –  Mantra for Four Chakras  –  #2 Embrace the Spirit
Les Freres Smith  –  Contreband Mentality  –  #1 Contreband Mentality

Hour 2
Manisha Shahane  –  Girls Gone World  –  When Parallel Lines Meet
Camille  –  Allez Allez Allez  –  Iol Veyou
Quetzal  –  Luna Sol  –  Worksongs
Nancy Murillo  –  Africa Mia  –  Tia Yova
Kiran Ahluwalia  –  Raqba  –  Aam Zameen:Common Ground
Perunika Trio  –  Rekoh Ti, Tsone  –  The Rough Guide To The Best Music You’ve Never Heard
Syran Mbenza  –  Heritage Ya Luambo  –  The Rough Guide To The Best Music You’ve Never Heard
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba  –  I Speak Fula  –  I Speak Fula
KG Omulo  –  Ayah Ye!  –  Ayah Ye! Moving Train
Joe Lasqo  –  Raga: Asavari  –  Turquoise Sessions
Gabriel Palatchi Band  –  Electroshock  –  Diario de Viaje
Tribeqa  –  Vaudoo  –  Qolors
Thomas Mapfumo  –  Kune Rima  –  Chimurenga Explosion