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2020-09-11 Top 10 World Music albums (STG #1137)

Hear songs from the ten best new global releases, plus other music old and new in the second hour of the show.

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2016-03-25 – Global Music Mix

New Orleans - Mardi Gras IndiansA blend of styles and nations this week, including a dose of New Orleans, where I spent a delightful week last week (thanks to the fine people of WWOZ for the station tour, music tips, and general friendliness).

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2012-02-17: Mardi Gras / Carnival / Carnaval!

We may be starting to see the hints of spring here in the north, but in Brazil it’s time for a full-on sweaty summer street party. Our Carnaval on the air features music from Brazil, Trinidad, New Orleans, and other corners of the earth where Carnival/Carnaval is celebrated. Plus some new releases and such in hour 2.

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