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2014-10-10 The Khan-Do Show!

Rahat-Fateh-Ali-KhanOctober 13 is the birthday of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, but he’s not the only musical Khan out there. This show will feature music from him, and also from other artists such as Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (Nusrat’s nephew), Amjad Ali Khan, Sultan Khan, Shafqat Ali Khan, Badar Ali Khan, Surjit Khan, even the Ali Khan Band. Khan do!

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2013-10-11 Fela vs. Nusrat

Nusrat-v-FelaThis week’s show starts with a celebration of the lives and music of Afrobeat originator Fela Kuti and Qawwali king Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, whose birthdays are this week. Without them, the face of “world music” would be far different. Though one is known for his vocal prowess in singing devotional Sufi music and the other for feisty anti-establishment poly-rhythmic funk-jazz, both are huge figures. Listen in to see how they sound side by side. Plus new releases from other parts of the planet in the second hour of the show.

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2010-11-12 Portugal Meets Pakistan

Is there musical common ground — or at least complementary sounds — in the music of these two very different nations? Can qawwali and fado co-exist? Listen and find out. Also in hour 2, some fantastic new releases that seem determined to complicate my almost-finished Best of 2010 list. Portugal Meets Pakistan - on Spin The Globe world music radio

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Hour 1
Ana Moura  –  A Penumbra  –  Leva-Me Aos Fados
Temple of Sound & Rizwan Muazzam Qawwali  –  Solar East  –  World 2002
Kumpania Algazarra  –  Gipsy Reggae  –  Kumpania Algazarra
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan  –  Rang Rangeela  –  Charkha the album
Lula Pena  –  Fria Claridade  –  World 2003
Sabri Brothers  –  Saazina or Naghma  –  Tasleem
Rui Junior  –  Em Certeza  –  Farol Musica sampler
Shabaz  –  Caravan  –  Shabaz
Dead Combo  –  Rumbero  –  Sound of the World
Gaudi + Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan  –  Dil Da Rog Muka Ja Mahi (Pinch Remix)  –  Dub Qawwali Remixes
Tucanas  –  Djidji  –  Maria Café
Badar Ali Khan  –  Kalander Trance Remix  –  Lost in Qawwali II

Hour 2
Mafalda Arnauth  –  O Voz Da Minh’ Alma  –  Women’s World Voices 5
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan  –  Mustt Mustt (Lost in His Work)  –  Mustt Mustt
Cacique’97  –  Sr. Diplomata  –  Cacique ’97
Amanar  –  Alghafiat  –  Alghafiat
Willie Colon  –  Che Che Cole  –  Salsa Explosion: The NY Salsa Revolution 1970-1979
Antibalas Ft. Mayra Vega   –  Che Che Cole (Makossa)  –  Daptone Gold
Abraham Incorporated  –  Baleboste: A beautiful picture  –  Tweet Tweet
Think of One  –  Maconha Do Brasil  –  Chuva Em Po
Johnny Clegg  –  Congo  –  Human
Steve Steppa  –  Malaki Ha Shalom  –  Clavicula Salomonis
Toubab Krewe  –  Carnavalito  –  TK2
Pena  –  Huaquero Viejo  –  Pena
Amal Murkas  –  Bhallelak  –  Listen to the Banned

25 June 2010: Songs from the ‘Stans

Seven nations have names that end in “-stan” — We explore music from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. And perhaps a few tunes thrown in from some of the less formal ‘Stans, which include Hırvatistan, Habeşistan, and Gürcüstan. Extra credit if you can locate those on a map. And thanks to Dylan for this theme suggestion!Central Asia - The 'Stans

Hour 1
Dhol Foundation  –  Colours of Punjab (theme)  –  Big Drum Small World
Nasiba (Uzbekistan)  –  Az Dastad  –  Samarkand
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (Pakistan)  –  Charkha  –  Charkha, The Album
Raushan Orazbaeva (Kazakhstan)  –  Ykhlas  –  Akku
Ustad Mohammad Omar (Afghanistan)  –  Tabla Solo  –  Virtuoso from Afghanistan
Ulytau (Kazakhstan)  –  Terishakpai  –  Jumyr-Kylysh / Two Warriors
Shafqat Ali Khan (Pakistan)  –  Dust to Dust  –  Shafqat Ali Khan
Sevara Nazarkhan (Uzbekistan)  –  Yol Bolsin (Where Are You Going?)  –  Yol Bolsin
Dordi Torik & Rahman Qilich Yomudi (Turkmenistan)  –  Lament  –  Silk Road, A musical caravan
Oleg Fesov (Tajikistan)  –  Marav  –  Lalaiki Pamir
Tengir-Too (Kyrgyzstan)  –  Gul / Flower   –  Mountain Music of Kyrgyzstan
Zulya (Tatarstan)  –  Saginou / Yearning  –  Music from the Tea Lands
Adine Asimov & His Son (Tajikistan)  –  Ghazal By Lâhuti  –  Tadjikistan – Songs Of The Bards

Hour 2
Karen Gafurdjanov (Uzbekistan)  –  Yor Uzga  –  Gypsy Groove
Debashish Bhattacharya (Hindustan, aka India)  –  Raga Pahadi Jhinjhoti, Drut Gat in Tintal  –  Hindustani Slide Guitar
Ramin Rahimi & friends (Parsqastan, aka Iran)  –  Butterfly  –  The Pulse of Persia
Yulduz Uzmanova (Uzbekistan)  –  Mard Yigit  –  The Best of Yulduz
Yellow Sisters  –  Kiumbe  –  Tubab Woman
Sally Nyolo  –  Original  –  Beti
Euforquestra  –  Backbone  –  Soup
the Shin  –  The Epic Waltz of Mr. QQ  –  Manytimer
Donso  –  Kono  –  Donso
Lobi Traore  –  Tchana Diani  –  Electric & Acoustic Mali
Jienat  –  Sissel  –  Mira
Femi Kuti & The Positive Force  –  Victim of Life  –  Shoki Shoki