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2014-04-04 Global Rhythms – a warmup for the World Rhythm Festival

DjembesThe annual Seattle World Rhythm Festival is this weekend, so we’ll warm you up with rhythms from around the planet. Listen, or get out your drum and play along.

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2013-02-01 Global Beats & World Rhythms

hand-drummingThis week, a show celebrating diverse rhythms from all over the planet, from flamenco to bhangra to didgeridu. Plus some new releases and concert previews in hour 2. Happy listening, and have a great weekend.

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2012-04-27 Global Rhythm & Percussion

This week’s episode features all manner of rhythm from all corners of the Earth, from water drumming to vocal percussion to rhythms played on actual drums. All in honor of this weekend’s Procession of the Species here in Olympia, and the World Rhythm Festival a bit to the north of us. hand drumming

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2011-02-25 Rhythm

Snow and ice disrupted our regular rhythm here in the Pacific Northwest this week, so we’ll see if music can’t get us back on track. Rhythms of percussion, voice, and more in this show, plus a song from Shiyani Ncobo, who passed away Feb. 18 when we had just started getting to know him. A tribute calls him “a gentle and intense man with remarkable insights into human nature.” We’ll miss him.shiyani ncobo


Hour 1
Tony Allen  –  Pariwo  –  Secret Agent
IndiaLucia  –  Taliquete  –  IndiaLucia
Shiyani Ncobo –  Yekanini  –  Rough Guide to African Guitar Legends
Nereu  –  Balanca Menina  –  Rough Guide to the music of Brazil
Karnataka College of Percussion  –  Konnakkol (Percussion Language)  –  River Yamuna
Te Vaka  –  E Keli  –  Te Vaka (The Canoe)
Gamelan X  –  Gammafro  –  Satu
Rotfront  –  Ya Piv  –  Emigrantski Raggamuffin
Electric Kulintang  –  Anitos (Spirits)   –  Dialects
Keyvan Chemirani et al.  –  Kunte Ko  –  The Rhythm of Speech II
Aurelio Martinez  –  Ereba  –  Laru Beya
Ritmodelia  –  Selva  –  It’s Not Batucada!

Hour 2
Oumou Sangare  –  Yala  –  Oumou
Mickey Hart & Planet Drum  –  Frog Dance  –  Supralingua
The Kora Band  –  The Funnel and the Vacuum Cleaner  –  Just 4 U
Rosapaeda  –  O Re Re  –  Mater
Konono No. 1  –  Guiyome  –  Assume Crash Position – Congotronics 4
Ravid Kahalani  –  Yoducha  –  Yemen Blues
Ravid Kahalani  –  Jat Mahaibathi  –  Yemen Blues
Ramoro Dioubate’s Kakande  –  Paya Paya  –  Dununya
Vusi Mahlasela  –  Say Africa  –  Say Africa
Kartick and Gotam  –  Tamil Bossa  –  Business Class Refugees
A Hawk and a Hacksaw  –  Uskudar  –  Cervantine
Susana Baca  –  Caras Lindas  –  Susana Baca

23 April 2010: The Rhythm of Nature

Steamy, danceable tunes this week to ring in in the World Rhythm Festival in Seattle and the Procession of the Species here in Olympia. Please do not remain seated.

Hour 1
Dhol Foundation  –  Colours of Punjab (theme)  –  Big Drum Small World
Ganga Giri  –  Afrodisiac  –  Tribe Vibe
Larry McDonald  –  Mento in 3  –  Drumquestra
Te Vaka  –  Kaluve Pepe  –  Haoloto
Fanga  –  Follow Me  –  Sira Ba
Gamelan X  –  Hot Crossed Bronze  –  Satu
Dolomites  –  Wakannai? (I DON’T KNOW?)  –  No End EP
Red Baraat  –  Drum ‘n’ Brass  –  Chaal Baby
Ale Muniz  –  Ie Mama  –  Festa Brazil
Samy El Bably  –  Asrar El Ein  –  Saharan Groove
The Amber Ensemble  –  Azul  –  Del Mar
Salem Tradition  –  Waliwa  –  Krie
Luis Garay Percussion World  –  Afrodezia  –  Sacumba

Hour 2  –    –
Tony Allen  –  Elewon Po  –  Secret Agent
Nii Tagoe  –  Tsi-obenkemi (Come Close to Me)  –  African Roots
Razia  –  Slash and Burn  –  Zebu Nation
Mickey Hart & Zakir Hussain  –  Baba  –  Global Drum Project
SambaDa  –  Iguana  –  Gente!
Binder  –  Billo Raneeay  –  Rough Guide to Bhangra Dance
Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars  –  Gbrr Mani (Trouble)  –  Rise and Shine
Mamadou Barry  –  Africa Five  –  Niyo
Mahmoud Fadl  –  Maqsoum  –  Africa North
Zakir Hussain  –  Conversation in 3 2 3  –  Rhythmic Impressions
Sajra Tambaj  –  Hay  –  PD: Buen viaje
Greg Ellis  –  Form 8  –  Kala Rupa