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2013-03-08 International Women’s Day

Mamy WataWe celebrate UN International Womens Day with music from women across the globe, from South Africa to France, Bulgaria to Palestine, and beyond. To some extent, I steered clear of the well-known names of world music, and tried to highlight some younger and less-well-know musicians. Hope you find things here to enjoy, and to prompt you to find out more about the artists. Women: Can’t live without ’em, wouldn’t want to.

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2011-07-08 Voices of Global Women

Zolani Mahola of Freshlyground
Zolani Mahola of Freshlyground

A show devoted to women’s voices this week, from Madagascar to the Middle East to Tibet to Canda…and beyond! Unfortunately the scheduled interview with Freshlyground didn’t happen, but we heard a couple tracks from their new album nonetheless.

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Tarika  –  Bibiango  –  10: Beasts, Ghosts & Dancing with History
Amina Alaoui  –  Que Fare  –  Arco Iris
Angelique Kidjo  –  Refavela  –  Black Ivory Soul
Susheela Raman  –  Ennapane  –  Vel
Julia Sarr & Patrice Larose  –  Waruna  –  Set Luna
Azam Ali  –  Faith  –  From the Night to the Edge of Day
Nawal  –  Hima (Get Up)  –  Aman
Moana & The Tribe  –  Titokowaru  –  Toru
Mehrpouya  –  Soul Raga  –  Persian Funk
Autorickshaw  –  Maa  –  So the Journey Goes
Inbar Bakal  –  Hallelujah  –  Inbar Bakal
Freshlyground  –  Baba  –  Radio Africa
Fania  –  Setlou  –  Sopi

Hour 2
Palo  –  Camina Con Los Codos  –  This is Afro Cuban Funk
Yasmin Levy  –  Si Veriash  –  Mano Suave
Yungchen Lhamo  –  Ngak Pai Metog  –  Coming Home
Abyssinia Infinite  –  Embe Ashafergne  –  Zion Roots
Nasiba  –  Yokasiz  –  Samarkand
Najma  –  Pukar  –  Pukar (Calling You)
Romashka  –  Zaznobilia & Baro Foro (She Messed with My Head in the Great City)  –  Romashka
Zap Mama  –  M’toto  –  A Ma Zone
Soema Montenegro  –  Flores del Desierto  –  Passionaria
The Legendary Mama Sana  –  Soary  –  Music from Madagascar
Esma Redzepova  –  Chaje Shukarije  –  Chaje Shukarije
Malika Zarra  –  All the Same  –  On the Ebony Road
Freshlyground  –  Working Class  –  Radio Africa
Chiwoniso  –  Matsotsi  –  Rebel Woman

2011-03-11 African Women

Rokia TraoreFollowing up last week’s show on Miriam Makeba, we’ll use the appearance this weekend of Khaira Arby (with The Sway Machinery) and this week’s International Women’s Day as an excuse to spin a range of other African women making wonderful music. I tried to stick to mostly less well known artists, so I hope you find a few new discoveries for yourself in this show, and dig a little deeper.

Remember, you can catch the archive of this show for a limited time at http://soundroots.podomatic.com

And you can still grab this show — and subscribe so you’ll never miss an episode — via iTunes.

Hour 1 (artist – song – album)
Seheno  –  Ka  –  Ka
Cesaria Evora w/ Lura  –  Moda Bo  –  & …
Lungiswa  –  The Crab Song  –  Lungiswa
Martha Mdenge & Harmony Crotchets  –  Tell me how long the train’s been gone  –  Music Was Born in Africa
Les Go de Koteba  –  Samba  –  Les Go de Koteba
Fegegeta  –  Minjar  –  Fegegeta
Dorothy Masuka  –  Hamba Notsokolo  –  The Definitive Collection
Madame Afrique  –  Indaba  –  She’s Hot!
Lungiswa  –  Inner City Blues (Xhosa version)  –  Lungiswa
Les Nubians  –  Nü Soul Makossa ft. Manu Dibango  –  Nu Revolution
Eneida Marta  –  Garandessa  –  Lope Kai
Simphiwe Dana  –  Ndim Nawe  –  Kulture Noir

Hour 2
Khaira Arby   –  Sourgou  –  Timbuktu Tarab
Chiha   –  Moleschech  –  Mystic Bridges
Dobet Gnahore  –  Deka  –  Djekpa La You
Patience Dabany  –  Levekisha  –  Patience Dabany
Freshlyground  –  Moto  –  Radio Africa
Sibeba  –  Rea (The Moon)  –  Hijas Del Sol
Les Amazones de Guinee  –  Be Ni Son  –  Wamato
Saba  –  Jidka (the Line)  –  Jidka
Simphiwe Dana  –  Felas Azania  –  Kulture Noir
Sally Nyolo  –  Solidarity  –  Multiculti
Rokia Traore  –  Koronoko  –  Tchamanche
Chiwoniso  –  Kurima  –  Rebel Woman