Top 10 World Music Albums, October (#1194)

Hear songs from the ten best new global releases, plus other music old and new (mostly new!) in the second hour of the show. Also a tune from Fela Kuti, since Oct. 15 is his birthday!

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Hour 1
#10 Monsieur Doumani – Tiritichtas – Pissourin
#9 Cumbia Chicharra – Chikilin – El Grito
#8 Massilia Sound System – Lo Mercat – Sale Caractère

#7 Maher Cissoko – Kano – Cissoko Heritage
#6 Ogun Afrobeat – Afroshark – Unite
#5 Shanren – Thirty Years Later – Shan Dao
#4 AySay – Asiti – Su Akar
#3 Puuluup – Lambad ei Joo – Vimane Suusataja
#2 Fanfare Ciocărlia – Babo Never Worked a Day – It Wasn’t Hard to Love You
#1 Monoswezi – Where Is My Mbira? – Shanu
Sonia Aimy – Mama – Reconnect
Justin Adams, Mauro Durante, Domenico Modugno & Enrica Buonaccorti – Amara Terra Mia – Still Moving
Tamala – Yakar – Lumba

Hour 2
Angelique Kidjo – Take It Or Leave It – Mother Nature
Susana Baca – La herida oscura – Palabras Urgentes
Han Han featuring DATU – World Gong Crazy – Kulintang Kultura: Danongan Kalanduyan and Gong Music of the Philippine Diaspora
Dup de Pel – Soy – Madera de Pajaro
Kondi Band – Fatou – We Famous
Bapi Das Baul, Baul Bishwa, Sankar Saha & Samik Chakrabarty – Kolshi – River of Happy Souls
Multumult – Iesi, soare! (Came Out, Sun!) – Now and Then
Lica Cecato & Stefano Scutari – E’Pro Rio Amazonas – Due Comete
Yo-Yo Ma – “Ha’oud (I Will Return)” (with Mashrou’ Leila feat. Narcy) – Notes for the Future
Kandy Guira – Nagtaba – Nagtaba
Dobet Gnahoré – Yakané – Couleur
Karolina Cicha & Spółka – Sałhyr Boju – Karaimska Mapa Muzyczna
Fela Kuti – No Agreement, Pt. 2 (excerpt) – Best of the Black President

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