Top 10 World Music Albums, September (#1190)

Hear songs from the ten best new global releases, plus other music old and new in the second hour of the show.

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Hour 1
Cihan Türkoğlu – Syrto (feat. Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma & Bijan Chemirani) – Göç
Ndenga Andre Destin & Les Golden Boys – Yondja – Cameroon Garage Funk 1964-1979
Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan (2021 – Remaster) – Buena Vista Social Club (25th Anniversary Edition)
Trans Kabar – Kasé – Mazine La Mor
Hrdza – Stefan – 22
Monsieur Doumani – Kalikandjari – Pissourin
Massilia Sound System – Uei – Sale Caractère
Guy Buttery, Mohd. Amjad Khan & Mudassir Khan – Kya Baat – One Morning in Gurgaon
Maher Cissoko – Thiossane – Cissoko Heritage
Fanfare Ciocărlia – Red Moon (feat. Džambo Aguševi Orchestra) – It Wasn’t Hard to Love You
Christine Salem – Gèryé – Mersi
A Moving Sound – Rain Forest – Little Universe
Amankay – Quiero Ser Tu Sombra (feat. Luis Lazarte & Carlos Carabajal) – Wasichapi (En la Casita)

Hour 2
Laço Tayfa – Surmat – Hicaz Dolap
Petrona Martínez – El Piano de Dolores y Estefanía (Rumba-Chalupa-Timba) [feat. Aymee Nuviola] – Ancestras
Grupo Changüí de Guantánamo – Toca Marímbula, Olivares – Changüí: The Sound Of Guantánamo
Biomigrant – Refugio – Cantos, Sueños, Sol, y Sombra
Los Tangueros del Oeste – Carreta Antigua – Alma Vieja
Los Mocosos – Soy Callejero (Live) –
Tzimmes – Ahavat Hadasa-Libi V-Mizrakh (The Love of Hadasa-My Heart Is in the East) – The Road Never Travelled
Fenya Rai – Els Tres Xicots – Plaça Major
Bentenya – Take Ni Suzume – Senkyaku Banrai
A Moving Sound – Rain Forest – Little Universe
Angelique Kidjo – Mother Nature – Mother Nature
Ballaké Sissoko – Akilimaya – A Touma
Opium Moon – Feast of Sevens – Night + Day

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