World Music Top 10, Feb. Edition (STG #1160)

A track from the ten best new global releases, plus other new sounds this week.

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Hour 1
Kalaha – Özgürüm Ben (feat. Hilal Kaya) – Mystafa
Marjo Smolander – Myohastytaan Elamasta – Cosmologies
Femi Kuti – You Can’t Fight Corruption With Corruption – Stop the Hate
Bará – Fila – Bolo Saba
AyoM – A Maré e o Luar – Ayom
Gájanas – Vuolgge muinna / Come with me – Čihkkojuvvon / Hidden
David Walters – Vansé (feat. Vincent Ségal, Ballaké Sissoko & Roger Raspail) – Nocturne (feat. Vincent Ségal, Ballaké Sissoko & Roger Raspail)
Nahawa Doumbia – Adjorobena – Kanawa
Azmari – Kamilari – Samā’ī
Warsaw Village Band – The Rivulet (feat. Piotr Malec) – Waterduction

Hour 2
The Invisible Session – Breathe the Rhythm – Echoes of Africa
Vedan Kolod – Kupala Feast – Gorodische
Alostmen – Minus Me (feat. Ambolley) – Teach Me
Ancient Astronauts – Wan Aken (feat. Brazen Rule) – Zik Zak
Kodo Araki VI – Dōkyō (excerpt) – Hankyō
Arya Aramnejad – The Next Day – Touch of Freedom
The South Pasifika Sound Project – Aitutaki – Across the Pacific
Elida Almeida – Pagamentu Buru – Gerasonobu
Tao Ravao & Vincent Bucher – Madiba – Piment Bleu
Stella Chiweshe – Chachimurenga – Ambuya
Made Kuti – Free Your Mind – For(e)ward
Süperstar Orkestar – Funky Cocek – Hope
Staritsa – Kak U Nashey U Dunyashi – Klyukva
Vaev – Tidmand – VAEV

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